Berringa Honey (Medi Bioactive Honey Pty Ltd, Australia)

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Honey, Organic Active Honey


Active Honey - Berringa Honey with MGO 120+

Australian Berringa honey is produced from a very similar floral source to manuka honey; the Leptospermum Polygalifolium plant which grows uncultivated from the south coast of New South Wales to Cape York in Northern Queensland. This variety of honey has been shown to possess antimicrobial activity and immune stimulatory activity (Lusby et al. 2005; Tonks et al. 2003).


Recent laboratory surveys have indicated that Berringa Honey possess a wide range of antimicrobial activities dependent on region of collection and vary in their non-hydrogen peroxide activity. Interestingly, the levels of MGO (the active ingredient identified as Methylglyoxal) present in Berringa honey samples were found to be equivalent or higher that the previously described for Manuka Honey (Mavric et al. 2008). Whilst all honey are not created equal in terms of their antimcrobial activity, the high antibacterial activity and MGO levels observed in some Berringa honey indicate its potential as an antibacterial agent.